The Perfect Travel Cloth: iTravel by Lanificio Cerruti

With the numerous mills, fabrics, weaves, and patterns that cloth comes in, it can be confusing to choose the right material for your needs. There is one cloth that checks off more boxes than most, however. That cloth is the iTravel line by Lanificio Cerruti, a mill that has been making cloth since 1881. 

There is no 'perfect' cloth for all situations. When traveling, you want a fabric that resists wrinkles, and food spills and will also keep you cool and comfortable. It also needs to be comfortable enough to wear in the office once you arrive and be hard-wearing, so it lasts and is worth the investment. iTravel is one cloth that can do all of these things. This is the beauty of a tight open weave cloth which the iTravel uses. Let's dive a little deeper into the benefits of this cloth.

1) Wrinkle-Resistant for Travel- Traveling can be stressful, and often we try to avoid wearing tailored clothing due to the extra difficulty. We don't like to be too warm, restricted, or have wrinkled clothing when we arrive. With the tight open weave, an iTravel garment will keep you cool and will resist wrinkles better than anything else. Combine that with a custom fit, and you have the most comfortable travel combo around.

2) Spill-Resistant- The iTravel line from Lanificio Cerruti is coated to resist spills. While we don't recommend spilling wine or soda on your suit, you can rest assured that it will be just fine if you do. Those of you who have spilled on your suit right before that big meeting or at that company dinner will appreciate this! The coating doesn't last forever but should last a good while if the suit is properly cared for.

3) Breathability- For some, this will be the best part of this cloth. In our modern world, we don't often 'brave the elements' and only need clothes to keep us comfortable indoors. That said, often a sport or suit jacket is too much for those that run a bit warm. With the breathability that the open weave offers, you can comfortably wear this cloth throughout the entire day.

The iTravel line has a lot going for it, which is one of the reasons it is a house favorite here at Smith Bespoke. This cloth is just as perfect for a workhorse or travel suit as it is for a light sport jacket.

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