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Please follow the measurements below and input them in the boxes on the item page:

 Skin Neck:

Follow the picture example and measure around the neck where your dress shirt collar lands. Make sure no fingers are under the tape when you get the number.



The overarm measurement is taken over the arms at the height where the chest is largest while ensuring the tape is parallel to the floor.



Measure from the outside edge of the left shoulder seam, across the back and under the collar to the outside edge of the right shoulder seam. This measurement can also be taken on a finished jacket while you are wearing it by measuring from the point where the shoulder seam meets the sleeve on the left to the point where the shoulder seam meets the sleeve on the right.


The chest measurement is taken around your torso at the largest part of the chest and back, ensuring to keep the tape parallel to the floor.


Take a skin measurement at middle of your torso (around where he would button his jacket, about 4-5 buttons down from the neck on a dress shirt) and use that number as the abdomen measurement.



Empty your pockets and stand with your feet together. Place the tape around the largest part of the seat, keeping it parallel to the floor. Do not pull too tight.

Sleeve (take on both arms): 

Measure from the end of the shoulder to the wrist, going through the elbow. It is suggested to put a hair band on your wrist to help with final location of shirt cuff.



Take a skin measurement over the wrist bone. Do not add ease to the tape.


  Back Length:

Measure from the back of the collar band at the back, down to the desired length for your jacket. We will determine the shirt length from this.

If you have a jacket that you like the length of, take the measurement from bottom of collar to bottom of jacket, and we will know exactly the length we need.





Pant Waist:



Slide the tape just inside your waistband and pull the tape snugly, asking yourself how it feels compared to how you like your pants to fit. Tighten or loosen accordingly. You may need to undo the top button on your pants to get the most accurate measurement.


 Skin Thigh:


Measure under the crotch around the fullest part of the thigh on your dominant leg (whichever leg you would kick a soccer ball with).




The Outseam is measured from the top of the waistband, down the leg, following the side seam down to the end of the pant leg. 


If you have a favorite pant available, measure it on a flat surface as it is easier to get a precise measurement that way.




The inseam should only be taken on a finished pant, laid out on a table, as pictured.



The U-Rise measurement is taken from the top of the waistband in the front, down around the crotch to the top of the waistband in the back. Pull a little tight, then loosen slightly.


Measure around the fullest part of the calf, keeping the tape parallel to the ground.


 Finished Bottom:


With a pant laid out on a table, measure from crease to crease at the bottom of the pant leg and double the measurement.